Custom Drums

SS Series

The SS Series are the top of the line solid shell drums. Solid shell drums offer more tone and resonance then your standard ply drum. Each type of wood offers it’s own unique characteristics. The SS series shells are available in custom thickness’ as well. Virtually every wood in the world is available. From Orange Cocobolo to North American Maple the options are endless.

RS Series

The RS Series are high quality plywood drums. Plywood drums offer a great sound at an affordable price. Plywood shells are available in hard rock Maple, Birch and Mahogany.

Acrylic Drums

Acrylic drums offer a great tone with amazing resonance and attack. Acrylic shells are wonderful for recording and live sound alike! The drums sound like a kit that is being run out of a sound board right out of the box! Many different colors and designs are available. Sandblasting and etching are also available! Use your imagination!

Metal Shells

We offer Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Bronze, Titanium and Stainless Steel shells. Shells can be polished, brushed, etched or left raw. Aluminum shells are able to be anodized black, white, blue, red, yellow or green.

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Drum Maker Of The Month: MCD Percussion.
All MCD drums are completely custom, but they primarily build acrylics, maple ply drums and solid shells. “Our acrylics are really popular with guys in the hip-hop and gospel scene,” says Kyle.

MCD Percussion took first place at this years Snare Drum
Olympics Solid Shell Blind Testing!



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