MCD Artists:

Athony Baker MCD Percussion Artist

Joe Baldacci


Anthony Baker's MCD Percussion Drum Kit

Ply-maple in custom white w/ chamelion flake finish
White powdercoated hardware, lugs 7/8 offset
16X22, 7X12, 16X16
7X13 Solid shell Maple Snare in custom Electron blue w/ chamelion flake finish 

Joe Baldacci
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"I asked Mike to build my toms and kick with the warmth of a vintage Rogers kit in mind but with the projection, stability, and resonance of more modern drums...and that's what I got."






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Drum Maker Of The Month: MCD Percussion.
All MCD drums are completely custom, but they primarily build acrylics, maple ply drums and solid shells. “Our acrylics are really popular with guys in the hip-hop and gospel scene,” says Kyle.

MCD Percussion took first place at this years Snare Drum
Olympics Solid Shell Blind Testing!



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